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Healthy Living and Weightloss in Australia
You only need to enter "Weight Loss" into LiveJournal's search bar to know that there are a lot of communities on LiveJournal that cater to people who want to lose weight, or eat better, or exercise more, etc. However, a lot of these communities are also primarily focused on the US. And while that's great, the US is a great place full of great people who can really use and appreciate the support, as an Australian, much of the content and resources simply aren't relevant to me (and it's a pain in the butt thinking in pounds and miles and inches when I'm used to kilograms and kilometres and centimetres).

I figured that there were probably other people who felt the same problem, and here we are. This community is a support group for those who want to aim towards a healthier lifestyle, and happen to live in Australia. Not saying that non-Australians aren't welcome of course, just that the content is geared towards the people who live in the country that's 2 metres away from the surface of the sun ;)

Please feel free to post healthy recipes, product recommendations, thoughts, advice, photos or whatever you feel is relevant to your goals or the goals of this community. We're here to help, after all. Also, please feel free to suggest anything you think should be added to the community info, or to the interests section, or anything else about the community to smthngdffrnt, maintainer and owner of this here community. I've compiled a list of useful (mostly Australian) weblinks below. Again, if you've found a useful link that you want to share, please do let me know, and I'll add it to the list.

Just a couple other things to add; Firstly, this community has moderated membership. Generally everyone gets accepted, but moderated membership just lets me doublecheck that people who want to join are genuine people, and not empty sockpuppet journals. If you've been rejected, and feel this is unfair, feel free to shoot me a polite message on LJ (again, to smthngdffrnt), or email me (tessameseed@gmail.com), and I'll be more than happy to reconsider your membership.

Secondly, we're all big kids here, and some of us bring up adult concepts fairly frequently. Considering that there are people here interested in weight loss, and sometimes this stuff can be a little TMI in terms of what happens to your body, this is me offically warning that this community has adult concepts. Feel free to use adult language and discuss (community relevant!) adult topics, without fear of censure. However, I also respectfully advise that any overly explicit posts be friends locked.


Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator: 'Nuff said. While it's not perfect, it does help give an idea in regards to what is and what isn't a healthy body weight for your height.

The Australian Heart Foundation: Plenty of useful information about heart health (duh) weight loss and healthy living. Also has information on products which have earned the Tick, heart-healthy recipes and exercise programs.

Nutrition Australia: A whole lotta info about food. What else were you expecting? :P

Calorie King Australia: Recipes and articles, also a huuuuuuuge database on the nutritional content of foods sold in Australia, and a free online weight loss club.

Better Health Channel: And I quote; "Health and medical information for consumers, quality assured by the Victorian government (Australia)." Weight management factsheets.

The CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet: No matter which side of the controversy you stood on, the CSIRO diet still has valuable pointers you can take away from it. Plus, some of the recipes are pretty darn tasty.

WeightLoss.com.au: A ton of info here. Also, directories for gyms, personal trainers, fitness classes, events, etc, in Australia.


ABC Health and Wellbeing: Why Exercise? Factsheet by the ABC.

Depression and Exercise: The Better Health Channel again. This time, a factsheet about the benefits of exercise in treating depression.

Couch to 5k Running Program: Info and links about C25K. Also, there's a great LJ community if you want to get seriously involved in C25K couch_to_5k

Step Into Life: Outdoor Personal Training Group Classes. They normally have a trial offer. If there's one nearby, I heartily recommend it. I went to a few classes, and they were fantatic, but unfortunately, the closest group to me is an hour away, hence why I didn't sign up.

Contours: As in, the women's gym. As a member, (with a sporadic attendence record *shame*) I really do vouch for how friendly and accessable the staff are, in comparison to other gyms.


Slimming And Health Magazine: A very good, informative and accessible magazine that is more aimed at women (probably because more women buy it), but is none the less very useful for both sexes. Contains advice, exercises, eating plans, recipes and inspiration stories. Normally retails for around AUD$5.95.

Men's Health Magazine: A "Men's Lifestyle Magazine", the fitness articles aren't geared toward the beginner, but may still be useful. Also has lifestyle articles, ala FHM, without the boobs. Normally retails for AUD$6.95.

Women's Health Magazine: Like Slimming and Health, but as per Men's Health, makes an assumption of a basic fitness level. Still a very informative and worthwhile read. Normally retails for AUD$6.95.

Now, last but not least, are the community rules and guidelines. Nothing too complex, just standard etiquette stuff that makes everyone's experience a lot more pleasant.

1. For the love of [insert deity of choice here], PLEASE, be nice, respectful, and polite to other members.
Treat them how you'd like to be treated. No one likes an asshole, and no one likes to be mocked, especially on such sensitive topics such as weight or health. ANYONE who belittles another member for no reason other than to get their rocks off by being a jerk gets banned. And we're here to learn, and to learn from each other. Don't be an ass if someone's offered you some advice that you already knew or didn't want to hear. Just be gracious.

2. The community is called HEALTHYmonthly. Stress on HEALTHY
Meaning that we're trying to become HEALTHY. So encouraging diet pills (unless prescribed by your doctor or a medical professional), starving yourself, exercising to the point of exhaustion, bingeing, purging, cutting out entire food groups (I'm looking at you, "Carbs Are The Devil" crowd), fad diets and the like to other members is NOT something I really want to see. There are plenty of links down the bottom about what a healthy diet actually is. Hint; remember the healthy food pyramid from the side of your cereal box? It's pretty close to that.

3. Do not delete posts, delete comments, screen comments, freeze comments to entries, or disable commenting on entries. This is the big one. If you do any of these, you will be warned, and on second offence, banned.

Obviously, there are some exceptions to this rule. If you’ve accidentally posted to the wrong community, you can delete the post (immediately!) before anyone has commented on the entry. Otherwise, if you want to add something, just edit the entry. It’s pretty easy to do.

As far as comments are concerned, if someone has posted your personal information without your permission (i.e. home address, phone number, SSN, credit card #), you may delete it immediately. Keep in mind that links to unlocked posts in your personal journal or to information or photos that you've posted publicly elsewhere do not count as personal information. Anything else (someone calls you names, or disagrees with you) that you feel is offensive, please report it to the moderator, who will have the final say on whether the comment counts as abuse or not. The moderator’s decision on this is final, and any flouncing or wank about it will result in gleeful bannination.

No exceptions for freezing or screening comments.

4. The big, basic, common courtesy rule; LJ-Cut is your friend.

Please use LJ-Cut (if you don’t know how to make a cut, instructions can be found here) for any images, or an especially long post. This is just a common courtesy to save people’s friends pages.

5. Tags are also your friend.

Tags are not compulsory in this community, however, they are easy to use, and makes life so much easier for other people to find related posts, answers to questions, or just the good chicken stir-fry recipe somebody posted a couple weeks ago. If you don’t know what a tag is, or how to use it, instructions are here.

For any other LJ queries, please reference the FAQ which can be found here.