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G'day chickens.

Sorry I haven't posted last weeks weigh in, but I've been very busy, which has also resulted in me cutting corners.

While I did have healthy meals and tried to cut back there were a few days of weakness and lets face it, I didn't get to be my size through being a strong willed character.

Anyway Weight Stats:

Start Of Week (Wednesday):
01: 147.9KG
02: 147.0KG -0.9KG
03: 148.0KG +1.0KG

10 minutes of three flights of steps atleast twice a day
20 - 30 minutes walking a day

Nothing except incredibly tight calf muscles.

So dissapointed? yes. But considering only 2 full weeks have effectivley passed, but persevere I will.
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lillian gish

How to kick a sugar habit; the painful incentive

Over the last two days, i've been getting migranes from eating stuff with processed sugar. It's kind of funny how my body is helping me give this stuff up, by making me incredibly ill in some form or another when I consume it. Previously I had a *big* thing for flavoured milks... consuming AT LEAST one 600ml bottle a day. Until, of course, they gave me horrible stomach cramps and did nasty things to my digestive system. So, that was a big incentive to not drink them anymore! And giving those up alone has helped me slim down a little, even though i'm not doing so well on changing the rest of my lifestyle for the better. One day at a time though, right?

So, obviously my body's decided it's time to kick my big sugar habit. I plan to keep guzzling plenty of water, to keep my system nice and hydrated, eat as well as I manage to, and ride it out :)
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The dreaded day

So I went to the gym today. I hadn't been for two months. I weighed myself while I was there...


No. I am *not* kidding. That puts my BMI at 43. That, for those who don't know, is so obese that it's off the chart. I wear a size 18 to 22 in clothes. This is me going "Okay, this isn't funny anymore, it's time to get super serious on this."

Did some shopping today. Got *lots* of fresh, wholesome, tasty food. Low fat yogurt, eggs, low fat milk and cheese, wholegrain breads, LOTS of vegetables, chicken, lean lamb... It reminded me, too, of how much I not only enjoy good, real food, I also enjoy going to a greengrocer, finding the best produce, and paying a good price for it (Spinach: 49c a bunch. Sweet Potato: 69c a kilo). It may have helped that I had rocket in my lunch salad. I like Cafe Rosso. Not only do they make food in whatever I feel like, they make salad with NOT MESCLUN(which tastes like ass, IMHO). With Rocket. Because rocket kicks ass.

I'm planning, for my dinners, a ricotta and vegetable canneloni, Morrocan Lamb and lentil shepard's pie, Marmalade mustard chicken, and tuna cakes. Also, chicken wonton soup, because I went to Jack Style today, and decided to try something new. If any of these sound interesting to you, I'll try to remember how I make them and post recipes up. I'm making the recipe up as I go along you see ;)

I also have some Cape Seed bread from Bakers Delight, and plan to have ham, cheese (low fat of course), tomato, baby spinach and rocket sandwiches, with wholegrain mustard. Yummy.

Aaand, I have decided to try Bircher Muesli for breakfast. The recipe (following), is from the CSIRO 2 book, and while it needs to stand overnight, preliminary tastings are favourable.

Collapse )

Also, in terms of exercise; I'm going to make the gym a habit again. Obviously. I'm also going to take up walking with my dog for 10 minutes to half an hour a day.
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its time to shrink

So its wednesday 5:32am when I'm posting this, I'm cold, I weigh about 147KG and I'm starting part of the diet, on the schedule for today is the start of the cutting back process, so for today;

1 Bowl of cerial
1 up and go

1 up and go
1 museli bar

Whatever dad cooks just a smaller portion

Its a start atleast.

Once a week on a wednesday either morning or night ill post up my current weight what's planned for meals and what I actually had.

My goal weight is to be under 100 kilos, prefferably in the 80 kilo mark but lets see how I go.

Anyone else?
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Putting it to the test.

Okay Health Monthly; in the next few days/weeks once money has settled down at home, I'm goign to make a serious attempt at losing weight, when I start this, Each week I'll be posting up a heads up for anyone who wishes to participate, thus we can support eachother week by week with our weight loss goals.

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Ooooer, very purty Tess.

I have toppled off the edge of creative genius and have started making sandwiches at work on my breaks, with a bag of apple slices on the side and water or OJ to drink. I don't know why it never occurred to me before, all the ingredients were there: Wholemeal Helga's bread, shredded lettuce, tomato, low fat mayo and pepper. Awesome.

Thinking about taking up tennis, it's something I've always wanted to do for no particular reason. I think it'd challenge me, because my lack of agility is one of my worst weaknesses as a netball player; If I'm running one way really hard, it takes an awful lot of time for me to stop and run the other way, and by that time the player I'm defending has gone and run circles around me. Bitchy!

Meh. Oh, and I love the fruit salad they make at Jasper's cafe in the Adelaide train station, as most days it has strawberries and pineapple in it. Mmmmm my favourite fruits.

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lillian gish

Hello? *tumbleweed*

So, pretty people, I have toiled. I have toiled, and I have given the community an overhaul. You can see the new user info here.

Also, I mucked about with the new S2 style system. And seeing as my internet is back again after a two week hiatus (yup.... a week after getting it, it went down for two weeks again *annoyed*), I am *definately* back. So I'm dragging this community out of the mud. And.... I need your help. Please pass the link on to any LJ using friends who may be interested. And I shall be happy.
lillian gish

I'm baaaaaaaaaack.

Okay. So after a bit of hiatus (try 6 months, amirite?), I have my own home internet connection again. And it's wireless *twitters*. So expect to see some changes in the community. Like, it actually being prettified and not a basic layout anymore XD.

So now that I can devote some more time to this place, i want YOU *points like Uncle Sam* to help make this place more active. Post more, tell us about how you are/aren't going in your quest to be healthier and ot live on a diet of cream cheese and nutella *raises hand guiltily* yup, that was me the last couple months.....

Also, recruit some friends. Help the community grow, and i'll reward you...... with...... a recipe for delicious healthier cookies? (not telling my secret Anzac recipe. It's all mine. MINE!)

Anyway, just wanted to wake you all up and remind you that the community is here :) Expect to see more of me
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Oh crud, it's near the end of the month again....

And it's about time for me to search my poor little brains and come up something else for you lovely fluffy people to do for a month. Although, it beats paying attention to class :P

I have to admit, i wasn't awesome at this month's challenge.... but that's okay! (and hell, i still lost 2 or 3 kilos, so s'all good) And amazingly, i've made progress. And even if it's a millimetre of progress, it's still something, and even taking one step forward and two steps back is progress; because (i assume) you've learnt something from it, and you can apply what you've learnt from the experience next time you try.

Anyway, onto this month's challenge. For one, try and post once a week to tell everyone how you're going! Also, this month, let's all try and take up a new (or re-discover an old) form of exercise, and try do it once a week. I, for one, found my rollerblades the other day, and although I had a hilarious time attempting to move in them again, i think i'll take it up again (as long as i don't fall into a pothole :P)

Also, tell me a personal goal for this month. Something you really, really want to have done by the end of the month. I, personally, want to try and make the effort to take my dog for a *real* walk (at least 30minutes) twice a week. (yes, i am a horrible pet owner, i take my dog into the back paddock and run around with her out there everyday, rather than take her out of our yard)
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hello and hello

Okay people, a requesty-poo from me; any community relevant interests that you feel should be added, comment with them here and I shall add them on.

Also, an important reminder to stretch after exercising! I did not stretch after my ballet class last night, and now my legs and butt hurt like buggery! (Also, I can barely lift my legs.... to all of you who think you have strong legs, take up ballet. You're wrong :P)

As for me, well.... I've been taking things slower than I would like to, but at this stage, if I push myself too hard, the only thing I'm going to succeed at is burning out and making myself sick. I'm hoping to make it to the gym tomorrow for the first time in a week and a half, and I have a bellydance class. Hope you all are doing better than I am. (Although on the bright side, people are commenting that I look like I've lost weight)

Also, in closing, I thought it might be a good idea to start tagging entries, if you remember to. Thanks :)